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Social Sciences Awards 2015

written by Claire Macdonald

award ceremonyThe social sciences encompass a wide range of academic disciplines, concerned with society and the relationships between and among individuals within it. The main ’social sciences’ are considered to be economics, politics, and sociology, as well as history, law and linguistics.

As in any other academic discipline, there are thousands of awards, grants and fellowships worldwide that allow academics and professionals in the social sciences to further their research and scholarship. Such awards encourage academics to strive for improvement and innovation, and often involve a monetary portion, allowing financial support to recipients who show originality and potential. Read more


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Top Conferences in Banking, Economics and Finance – 2014 End of Year Round Up

written by Ursula Moffitt

end of year conferencesAs the year slowly draws to a close it can be easy to focus on the work in front of us and forget about the many academic conferences still taking place around the world. Such events are a great place to build your network, boost your CV and gain new insight into your field. This list offers you a brief overview of the many conferences in banking, economics, finance and related fields that will be taking place across the globe during the last months of 2014.

If you are unsure about proper attire for such an event, take a look at our post on what to wear to academic conferences. If you will be presenting, make sure to read through out tips on how to make your presentation a hit with your audience. Although many registration deadlines have already past, it never hurts to get in touch and see if there is still space for a last-minute participant. Read more


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2014 Nobel Prize in Economics Awarded to Jean Tirole

written by Ursula Moffitt

jean tiroleAt just after 1pm CET today, The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2014 was awarded to Jean Marcel Tirole of Toulouse, France. This prize, more commonly known as the Nobel Prize in Economics, was given to Dr. Tirole for his extensive work on the behavior of large companies in relation to market power and regulation.

This marks the first time in over 30 years that the prize has been given to someone focusing on regulation. This topic has become increasingly relevant since the global financial crises began six years ago, and the timing of this award underscores its continued importance. Dr. Tirole’s research focuses specifically on dense mathematical models that describe and analyze markets, attempting to parse out ways to control the monopolies held by major companies. According to the Guardian, Dr. Tirole said he was grateful for the award for his work on “taming powerful firms”. Read more


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How to Enhance the Impact of Your Research

written by Ursula Moffitt

researchWhile we all know the importance of publishing widely in terms of moving forward in an academic career, what is sometimes left out of the discussion is how to make sure that your research has an actual impact in the community it is addressing, or in the world at large. If you would like your research to be read beyond the gates of the ivory tower, you need to know how to effectively promote yourself and your work.

If you have just published an article about which you feel extremely passionate, the idea that it will likely just become a citation in someone’s dissertation down the line can be a bit disconcerting. As this post from the London School of Economics and Political Science points out, the best strategy for creating a lasting impact is targeted and sustained knowledge exchange. In this article, we will delve into four key areas to focus on in order to create an impact with your research – regardless of whether your goal is simply to expand your readership or to directly target policymakers in order to advocate evidence-based change. Read more


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30 Top Twitter Feeds in Economics and Finance

written by Ursula Moffitt

twitter econ and financeWhen we conducted an informal survey of economists about a year and a half ago (published in this blog post), only slightly more than 20% said they regularly used Twitter. In the time since, however, Twitter has gained ground as a useful and prominent thread within the social media fabric, particularly for professionals looking to network and make connections.

So whether you’ve been Tweeting since the site began or you’re still a rare holdout, this list of 30 top econ and finance Twitter feeds offers a basic overview of who you could, and should, be following on Twitter. This list includes institutions, individuals and groups from across the political and academic spectrum. In addition to this list (which is offered in no particular order), we of course encourage you to stay up to date with us @INOMICS. Read more



Top Job Openings for Economics Professors – Start of Term Round Up

written by Ursula Moffitt

teacher comicIf you are a qualified economist looking to transition to a new position as an economics professor (and prove how important great teachers are), there are ample opportunities available for you on INOMICS right now. Though the new term is just starting, universities around the globe are already hiring for the spring or for next year, so it’s the right time to send out applications. In this blog post, we’ve hand selected 13 top positions from around Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. These positions cover diverse specializations within the field of economics, so be sure to look through the full list to find the right fit for you! Read more


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Experts Talk: An Interview with Dr. Nancy Folbre

written by Ursula Moffitt


In the third interview in the Experts Talk series, UMass Amherst Professor Emeritus, New York Times Economix contributor and leading feminist economist Dr. Nancy Folbre discusses the importance of interdisciplinarity, the overconfidence economics has in the individual pursuit of self-interest and what she learned from reading the comments section on her New York Times pieces, among other topics. Read more


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Top Conferences in Banking, Economics and Finance – Fall 2014

fall conferences 2014Although those of us in the northern hemisphere have just entered the dog days of summer, fall is just around the corner, meaning it’s the right time to start planning out your autumn conference schedule. Whether you’re dreaming of the changing leaves and crisp air or dreading the idea of darker evenings and cooler days, right now you should focus on choosing the right event for you from this great list of academic conferences taking place around the world.

In addition to offering you our usual conference round-ups over the past seasons, we’ve also provided you with tips on how to choose the right conference for you and what to wear once you’re there. Furthermore, take note that this is just a selection of all of the conferences listed on INOMICS, so if you don’t see the perfect event for you in the list below, you can head to INOMICS and do a targeted search through the hundreds of additional opportunities. Read more


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Academic Careers for MBA Graduates

written by Ursula Moffitt

academic career mbaAlthough the MBA tends to be viewed as strongly practice-oriented and the PhD as more theoretical, there are no strict lines regarding what one can do after earning either of these degrees. In a previous post, MBA vs. PhD in Economics, we highlighted the ongoing debate many people have regarding the suitability of each degree for various career paths, and how to make a decision that fits your interests.

In this post, we’re focusing on those of you who are either in the midst of your MBA studies or have already earned that degree, and would like to remain in academia rather than pursuing a career in the private sector. While this is the road less travelled, there are certainly plenty of possibilities for landing a fulfilling career, even without first heading back to the classroom to pursue a PhD. Read more


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Experts Talk: An Interview with Dr. Mark Thoma

written by Ursula Moffitt

mark thoma

In this interview, Dr. Mark Thoma discusses his dislike for the 8 – 5 lifestyle, his lifelong love of math, the importance of economic history and why he’d like to have dinner with Milton Friedman, John Maynard Keynes and Adam Smith, among other topics.

For the second installment of the INOMICS series Experts Talk, we interviewed Dr. Mark Thoma, who teaches macro and time-series economics at the University of Oregon. Dr. Thoma also maintains the very popular fiscal policy blog Economist’s View (which is also hosted on the EconoMonitor), is a columnist for the Fiscal Times and has previously been a contributor to dozens of top publications including Forbes, The Economist and The New York Times. Read more