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How to Give a Great Academic Presentation

written by Ursula Moffitt

presentationWhether you’re a graduate student giving a presentation for a course or a researcher presenting at a conference, being able to give an engaging and well-prepared presentation is an invaluable skill for anyone in academia. Today, hardly a talk is given without an accompanying PowerPoint presentation full of flashy graphs, images and often far too many bullet points.

In this post, we will offer you specific tips on how to hone your presentation and sharpen your speech in order to give an interesting, memorable and overall successful academic presentation. Building on past blog articles including Dress Code for Academic Conferences and How to Write a Successful Cover Letter, this post will offer you advice that can be applied across a range of situations that you will face time and again throughout your career. Read more


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Executive MBA in Europe: 10 Top Programs

written by Ursula Moffitt

embaIf you’re already in the midst of your career and are interested in climbing the ladder out of middle management, it might be time to head back to school. More and more executives are taking the time to earn an MBA, and the benefits of doing so are numerous, including increased salary, promotions, new job offers and global networks of other top professionals in your field. Before you start sending off applications, however, it can pay off (literally) to do your research regarding which program is best for you. To give you a hand in the process, we’ve put together this post, dedicated entirely to Executive MBA programs across Europe.

While the U.S. is the historic homeland of the MBA, there are many programs on the other side of the pond that rival the prestige, job offers and post-graduation salary rates of top American schools, particularly when it comes to programs targeting executives. Take a look at the breakdown below for insight into the most sought after Executive MBA programs in Europe. While each of these programs ranks among the top in the world, the list here is ordered according to geography, rather than solely by rank. Read more


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Best Cities for Students Across the World

written by Ursula Moffitt

top student citiesWe all know that when it comes time to make a decision about where to study, there are many factors that can influence your selection process. While rankings, institutional reputation and program cost are all top criteria in the making this important decision, location is highly important as well.

In this post, we’re offering you a list of ten top student cities worldwide, in terms of accessibility (cheap flights, good travel connections), affordability (cost of living), cultural opportunities (art, music, nightlife) and employability (job prospects, state of economy). We will also list two top universities for both undergraduate and graduate students in each city, just to give you an idea of what is available in these great locations. This list is arranged alphabetically within geographic region, rather than any specific ranking. Read more


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Graduate Degree in Marketing – Is It Worth It?

written by Ursula Moffitt

marketing degreeIn previous posts, we’ve delved into the pros and cons of pursuing a PhD in math, political science or economics, while also weighing in on the debate about the relative value of an MBA vs. PhD. In this post, we’ll combine these two streams of argument while focusing specifically on the field of marketing. Though marketing has some overlap with other disciplines, such as economics and business, it’s often considered less academic, making people question the value of education over practical experience.

Yet, in today’s tough job market, having top qualifications and a specific skillset is precisely what gives you edge, thereby securing a good return on the investment you made in education. Within the field of marketing specifically, which is largely focused on brand innovation and promotion, having the proper know-how can mean the difference between securing a top position straight away and getting stuck in the slow climb up the ladder. Read more


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Top Economics Master’s Programs in the United States

written by Ursula Moffitt

top us econ mastersWhile many recent Bachelor’s graduates are debating the choice between entering the job market and embarking on a PhD (take a look at this post if you find yourself in this position), it’s important to remember that there are a number of top-notch Master’s programs in economics out there as well. We recently offered you a list of Erasmus Master’s programs, but in the current post we’ll shift focus to the United States, where stand-alone Master’s programs in economics are gaining both prominence and popularity.

Whether you’re interested in economic policy analysis, international and development economics or applied economics, the list below includes a program for every type of econ student. Each of these programs offers a terminal Master’s degree, meaning one that is not part of a PhD program. To browse these and other options, take a look at the comprehensive listings from around the globe on INOMICS. Read more


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Online Courses for Professional Development or Continuing Education

written by Ursula Moffitt

Online Professional DevelopmentMany people who are already years or decades into their careers find themselves wanting to build upon their skillsets and expand their professional qualifications. Perhaps they want to make a career change, feel stuck in a mid-level position but lack the qualifications necessary for advancement, or perhaps they are just interested in gaining new knowledge but don’t have the time or means to head back to school. In the past, people in such situations could enroll in evening or weekend courses at community centers or continuing education departments at local universities.

In the digital age we live in now, however, the range of options for online professional development has expanded exponentially. Now, even if you don’t live in a location with great continuing education resources nearby, you can easily tap into the top-notch online opportunities available to professionals around the world. There are numerous well-renowned universities that offer myriad professional development courses, many of which provide certificates of completion. Additionally, there is also a growing number of online only schools and organizations that offer courses specifically to professionals. Among these, some offer courses free of charge in the name of open access education. Read more


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Erasmus Master’s Programs: Economics, Law and Policy

written by Lucía Leguízamo


The Erasmus Mundus program is a well-known cooperation program between European universities and the rest of the world. Through partnerships, projects, funding and joint programs, it gives students around the globe the opportunity to access high-quality education, while also encouraging student mobility.

Erasmus Mundus programs are a very attractive option for students who want to have an international education experience. Although it mainly covers opportunities in European universities; affiliate partners from all over the world can access the advantages of the network. Read more


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PhD in Math – Is It Worth It?

written by Ursula Moffitt

Let's thinkA few months back we posted a piece on whether or not it’s worth it to pursue a PhD in political science. While mathematics is a discipline rather far removed from poli sci, there is certain overlap in the decision-making process that all potential graduate students go through, so check out that post for a number of helpful links.

First off, it’s important to thoroughly think through your motivation and goals before jumping into applications. If you are interested in working outside of academia, a PhD in mathematics might not be the best option for you. There are highly diverse paths one can take with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in math, in fields ranging from medicine to computer science to statistics. This article offers a wealth of resources on many of the potential routes one can take after earning a degree in math. Moreover, there is debate raging right now, particularly in the U.S., over the value of a PhD in today’s difficult academic job market. Dr. Adriana Salerno, a math professor and blogger, offers in-depth advice in this blog post, including pros and cons of earning a PhD in math today. Read more


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How to Choose a Master’s Program – Student Survey

written by Ursula Moffitt and Lucía Leguízamo

survey image

Take the Student Survey 2014

We know how difficult it can be to choose a Master’s program, particularly as the number of programs around the globe continues to grow. While many students take their time in finding a specific focus during their Bachelor’s studies, you’re expected to have narrowed the scope by the time you’re ready for graduate school.

Sometimes this can be difficult, however, as the numerous questions regarding location, focus, type of program, funding and many others can seem overwhelming. At INOMICS we’re curious about how you tackle these questions, and we’d like to help you and others along this bumpy road.

In order to do so, we’ve put together a brief survey targeting future, current and potential Master’s students, with questions about your choices, experiences and expectations. Some students might use rankings as the number one criteria for choosing a program; others might make the decision based solely on location. Whatever it is that you find important, we’d like you to share that with us in this brief survey so that we can understand the process from your perspective. With the insight we collect, we’ll be able to help you choose a Master’s program that’s right for you. Read more



Top 20 Political Science Departments Worldwide

written by Ursula Moffitt

top poli sci department

While plenty of people both within and outside of academia hold strong opinions regarding which institutions have the best political science departments, there are some schools that stand at the top of everyone’s list. Whether you agree or disagree with rankings, the reality is that they matter for students and professionals alike. As of 2013, 20% of political science professors in the United States earned their PhDs at one of four institutions (note that there are nearly 3,000 universities in the U.S.), which happen to hold the top four spots in U.S. News and World Report Rankings.

We therefore appreciate the significance of such rankings, but also think it’s important to recognize that there are well-respected institutions across the world, offering great programs to a vast diversity of students. For this reason, the list below includes a mix of top-ranked and hand-selected political science departments located at schools around the globe. While nearly all of the departments listed here fall within the top 200 QS rankings, we’ve arranged them geographically, rather than just by rank. Read more


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