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Top 50 Finance Blogs

written by Ursula Moffitt

top finance blogsWhile we of course hope you find our own blog to be a great and engaging resource, we recognize that there are copious noteworthy blogs out there focusing specifically on the world of finance. For this post, we’ve gathered a list of 50 Finance related blogs for you to peruse.

These include both very famous and not so well known blogs, all of which we think are of interest to finance students and professionals alike, or indeed anyone else with a pronounced interest in the world of finance and business. The focus of these blogs ranges from household finances to global monetary policy to investment strategies. Since we already devoted a post to Top Economics Blogs, we tried not to overlap and thus left off certain well-respected finance blogs with a heavy econ focus. Read more


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How to Choose a Master’s Program – Student Survey

written by Ursula Moffitt and Lucía Leguízamo

survey image

Take the Student Survey 2014

We know how difficult it can be to choose a Master’s program, particularly as the number of programs around the globe continues to grow. While many students take their time in finding a specific focus during their Bachelor’s studies, you’re expected to have narrowed the scope by the time you’re ready for graduate school.

Sometimes this can be difficult, however, as the numerous questions regarding location, focus, type of program, funding and many others can seem overwhelming. At INOMICS we’re curious about how you tackle these questions, and we’d like to help you and others along this bumpy road.

In order to do so, we’ve put together a brief survey targeting future, current and potential Master’s students, with questions about your choices, experiences and expectations. Some students might use rankings as the number one criteria for choosing a program; others might make the decision based solely on location. Whatever it is that you find important, we’d like you to share that with us in this brief survey so that we can understand the process from your perspective. With the insight we collect, we’ll be able to help you choose a Master’s program that’s right for you. Read more


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Top Think Tanks and Social Science Research Institutes in Spain and Latin America

written by Ursula Moffitt

latin america think tanksThis blog post is the third in a series of entries highlighting top think tanks around the globe. Last week we posted a list of top institutes in Europe, and yesterday we offered you a list of think tanks in the United States. Today we’ll focus on the Spanish-speaking world, with a list of top think tanks and research institutes in Spain and Latin America.

With this list we hope to highlight prominent institutions undertaking important research on diverse topics within the broad fields of politics, economics and international relations. Whether you’re interested in a job or internship or just want sources for top-notch analysis, this list is a great place to start. Read more


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Top Think Tanks and Social Science Research Institutes in the U.S.

written by Ursula Moffitt

us think tanksFollowing up on last week’s list of Top Think Tanks and Social Science Research Institutes in Europe, this post is dedicated to top institutions in the United States. Although the U.S. is home to hundreds of research institutes, focusing on a vast array of disciplines and issues, there is a certain degree of consensus regarding which are the most respected. In the list below, we chose to highlight top think tanks working in the broad areas of politics, economics and international relations. Read more


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Top Think Tanks and Social Science Research Institutes in Europe

written by Ursula Moffitt

think tanks europe

Whether you’re looking for a summer internship, your first postgraduate job or a change in career, gaining experience in a think tank or research institute is always a good way to go. While some think tanks engage in highly specialized research on specific topics, many span a broad range of issues, particularly in the fields of politics, economics and international relations. We’ve decided to dedicate three distinct blog posts to top think tanks around the world, beginning with this list of European institutions. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on U.S. and Latin American institutions. Read more


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The Economics of Humor

written by Ursula Moffitt

economics of humor

This April 1st, we figured we’d spare you another bogus announcement or unfortunate attempt at a corporate joke and instead delve into the murky place where economics and humor intersect. If all you’re hoping for is a few economist jokes, (like the classic “Three Economists Go Hunting” jab we highlighted in a previous entry), then don’t worry, you’ll find some of those at the end of the post. Read more


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The Economics of St. Patrick’s Day

written by Ursula Moffitt

st pats

While today might just be another Monday for most of us around the world, for the nearly 37 million claiming Irish ancestry (more than 8 times the current population of Ireland), for many living on the Emerald Isle and for those who might just be interested in donning some green and downing a Guinness, St. Patrick’s Day is a beloved holiday. Following in the vein of such posts as Christmas Economics and Halloween Economics, we wanted to get in on the St. Paddy’s fun, but of course with an economics twist. Read more


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How to Apply to a Summer School: Selecting, Applying and Getting In

written by Ursula Moffitt


Over the past few weeks we’ve posted lists of Top Summer Schools in Economics and Top Summer Schools in Business and Management. While we are happy to promote the many great programs out there, we also understand that wading through the sea of options might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.

Perhaps you’re unsure of how to choose a program that’s right for you, or more importantly, how to get into a summer school at all. In order to keep the application process from being another item on your list of winter woes, we’ve put together a basic guide on how to apply for summer schools in either economics and finance or business and management. Read more


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Top Business and Management Summer Schools 2014

written by Ursula Moffitt

business summer schools photoWith February not quite over and temperatures across much of the northern hemisphere still hovering around zero, there is no better time to start planning for the summer! It might not be quite time to dig out your summer dresses and bathing suits, but when it comes to summer school, many deadlines are fast approaching.

A few weeks ago weeks ago we posted our list of Top Summer Schools in Economics, and now we’d like to shift our focus to business and management.

The list below offers options from schools and institutions across the globe, with diverse focus, length and style. While we couldn’t quite decide on a Top Ten and therefore are offering our Top Thirteen, there are still plenty of other courses to be found. For a more comprehensive catalogue of summer schools, check out our list here. Read more


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Game Theory: Links and Resources

written by Olga Maslovskaya

game theoryThere are a number of disciplines one cannot avoid when purusing a degree in economics. In earlier articles we have looked at resources for econometrics, statistics and other quantitative subjects, so now it is high time to cover fields related to microeconomics. Below we have gathered a list of useful links and resources for those interested in game theory – the starting point for students focusing on auctions, organization theory, strategic management and so on.

1. “Game Theory 101 MOOC” by ‪William Spaniel with videos no more than ten minutes in length on all the important aspects of this discipline. These online lectures can serve as a very good introduction.

2. “What is Game Theory?” by David K. Levine, Department of Economics, UCLA provides definitions of basic concepts and supplies reviews of Game Theory texts. Read more


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