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How to Choose a Master’s Program – Student Survey

written by Ursula Moffitt and Lucía Leguízamo

survey image

Take the Student Survey 2014

We know how difficult it can be to choose a Master’s program, particularly as the number of programs around the globe continues to grow. While many students take their time in finding a specific focus during their Bachelor’s studies, you’re expected to have narrowed the scope by the time you’re ready for graduate school.

Sometimes this can be difficult, however, as the numerous questions regarding location, focus, type of program, funding and many others can seem overwhelming. At INOMICS we’re curious about how you tackle these questions, and we’d like to help you and others along this bumpy road.

In order to do so, we’ve put together a brief survey targeting future, current and potential Master’s students, with questions about your choices, experiences and expectations. Some students might use rankings as the number one criteria for choosing a program; others might make the decision based solely on location. Whatever it is that you find important, we’d like you to share that with us in this brief survey so that we can understand the process from your perspective. With the insight we collect, we’ll be able to help you choose a Master’s program that’s right for you. Read more


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Top 20 Political Science Departments Worldwide

written by Ursula Moffitt

top poli sci department

While plenty of people both within and outside of academia hold strong opinions regarding which institutions have the best political science departments, there are some schools that stand at the top of everyone’s list. Whether you agree or disagree with rankings, the reality is that they matter for students and professionals alike. As of 2013, 20% of political science professors in the United States earned their PhDs at one of four institutions (note that there are nearly 3,000 universities in the U.S.), which happen to hold the top four spots in U.S. News and World Report Rankings.

We therefore appreciate the significance of such rankings, but also think it’s important to recognize that there are well-respected institutions across the world, offering great programs to a vast diversity of students. For this reason, the list below includes a mix of top-ranked and hand-selected political science departments located at schools around the globe. While nearly all of the departments listed here fall within the top 200 QS rankings, we’ve arranged them geographically, rather than just by rank. Read more


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Top European Master’s Programs in Economics

written by Lucía Leguízamo and Ursula Moffitt

european econ

As admissions season for Master’s programs in Europe gets underway, we thought we would help you narrow your search by posting a list of 15 Top Master’s Programs in Economics, grouped by country. Back in January we posted the Top Research Institutions in Europe, based on RePEc rankings. The list below moves beyond rankings to include personally selected institutions from across Europe that offer highly acclaimed Master’s programs in a range of disciplines and specializations.

So as you’re weighing your options and searching for a Master’s program that’s right for you, we hope that a look through this list will help you narrow your choices and jumpstart your application process! Read more


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How to Apply to a Summer School: Selecting, Applying and Getting In

written by Ursula Moffitt


Over the past few weeks we’ve posted lists of Top Summer Schools in Economics and Top Summer Schools in Business and Management. While we are happy to promote the many great programs out there, we also understand that wading through the sea of options might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.

Perhaps you’re unsure of how to choose a program that’s right for you, or more importantly, how to get into a summer school at all. In order to keep the application process from being another item on your list of winter woes, we’ve put together a basic guide on how to apply for summer schools in either economics and finance or business and management. Read more


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Should I Pursue a PhD in Political Science?

written by Ursula Moffitt

poli sciAs another season of graduate school applications comes to a close, we wanted to offer a few diverse perspectives on the matter for any of you still on the fence, or for those of you planning ahead for next year. Although deadlines for this coming fall have already passed for most schools in North America, potential PhD candidates looking at European, Asian, African or Latin American schools may still have some time to send in an application.

Whether you’re unsure about getting a PhD altogether or if it’s just political science you’re feeling wary of, hopefully this post will help you clear some of the doctoral application fog. Read more


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Top Business and Management Summer Schools 2014

written by Ursula Moffitt

business summer schools photoWith February not quite over and temperatures across much of the northern hemisphere still hovering around zero, there is no better time to start planning for the summer! It might not be quite time to dig out your summer dresses and bathing suits, but when it comes to summer school, many deadlines are fast approaching.

A few weeks ago weeks ago we posted our list of Top Summer Schools in Economics, and now we’d like to shift our focus to business and management.

The list below offers options from schools and institutions across the globe, with diverse focus, length and style. While we couldn’t quite decide on a Top Ten and therefore are offering our Top Thirteen, there are still plenty of other courses to be found. For a more comprehensive catalogue of summer schools, check out our list here. Read more


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Top Economics Summer Schools 2014

written by Ursula Moffitt

sunset photoWith discussion of the Polar Vortex still fresh as storms once again crash through northern and eastern North America, and the usual grey skies still hang low over much of Europe, it’s perhaps just the right time to start thinking about summer. While beach vacations and outdoor adventure might be what’s on your mind, now is also the time to start planning for summer school.
For the third year running, we’d like to offer you a Top Ten Economics Summer Schools list to help you wade through the sea of options. While some of the programs are similar to years past, be sure to familiarize yourself with the numerous new choices. Read more


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Top YouTube Channels to Learn Econometrics & Economics

written by Anastasia Sharova

youtube channelsIn our earlier blog posts we have already featured free online courses in econometrics, mathematics and statistics, as well as economics podcasts. Continuing the collection of resources to learn economics, we would like to share with you a list of YouTube channels, which could be useful for all students in Economics & Econometrics.

Unlike some Open Online Courses, YouTube lectures won’t offer you credits or statements of accomplishment and might be a less interactive way to study a desired subject, but they can offer a great set of additional and tutorial materials, which would support your learning process. The quality of some live recorded lectures might be slightly lower than those with slides or electronic chalk boards, but an advantage is that it can give you a feeling of physical presence in class, which is a rare opportunity in the age of online learning.

  1. Mark Thoma’s YouTube channel, from the author of Economist’s View, is a real treasure box, as it gives access to full courses in lectures, recorded live. The channel covers Econometrics, Monetary Theory and Policy, History of Economic Thought and much more. Read more


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Top 10 Economics Departments in Spain

written by Lucía Leguízamo

Spain-Economics-DepartmentsIn recent months we have published a series of articles about the best economics departments in Europe, Asia and Latin America. After covering the methodologies of ranking for universities in Latin America, we wrote about the best economics institutions in Chile, Colombia and Brazil. Due to the high level of interest from our readers, we decided to continue sharing information about the Top Economics Departments in individual countries, starting with Spain, which will hopefully be useful for students and economists who are interested in education, research or advancement of their academic career in a Spanish institution. The following list of universities is based on RePEc: Read more



Statistics & Data Analysis: Free Online Courses

written by Samridhi Shukla

Stats & ProbabilityAnyone working as an economist, mathematician, management consultant or researcher is likely to be dealing with numbers on a regular basis. Whether to refute claims, inform decisions or to build evidence to support one’s case, a good command of figures is essential for many professions. In other words, one cannot escape learning and using statistics!

After providing you with a selection of resources for online courses in Econometrics and Mathematics, today we have compiled for you a list of free and open, online courses in Statistics including data analysis and probability.

All courses listed below are in English. While some are open tutorials available at any time of the year, others have opening and closing dates for participation. Read more


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